Morgasm CBD Arousal Gel (4 Pack)

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Become more sensitive to the touch and experience more powerful orgasms. Infused with special natural ingredients to enhance everyone’s pleasure, Morgasm is our favorite lube that doubles as an arousal gel.

Formulated with 250 mg of full-spectrum CBD, you’ll feel the tingles shortly after applying…CBD is a vasodilator, encouraging blood flow wherever you apply it. If you’ve got a vulva, that means you’ll have an easier, stronger orgasm. If you’ve got a penis, that means you’ll last longer, and feel an even deeper climax. 

A water-based, 100% hypoallergenic, toy-safe lubricant that also contains L-Arginine – a sex-supportive amino acid – this is the lube that increases pleasure, reduces pain, and helps everyone come together. 

Product Highlights:

  • Increases arousal and receptivity to touch
  • Provides sex-related pain-relief
  • Compatible with all toys, latex, and condoms
  • Subtle sweet scent + taste'
  • 100% hypoallergenic, non-staining
  • 100% Water-based non-staining lubricant formula 
  • Product Specifications: 

    • Brand: Morgasm
    • 4 pack
    • 2 fl oz

    Why Emily Loves It

    Everyone should get to experience this much pleasure between their legs.

    Emily Morse
    Hi. I'm Emily Morse

    Hi. I'm Emily Morse

    As a Doctor of Human Sexuality and host of the #1 sexuality podcast, Sex With Emily, I talk about sex a lot. I mean, a lot. And that’s a really good thing.

    In my 18 years of exploring the secrets to better sex, I’ve learned that communication is lubrication, and the sex life of your loftiest fantasies comes down to having more conversations — with your partner and, most importantly, yourself. So how about a little inspiration?