V-Day Gifts for Couples

Better together.

A sexual date in a box.

Spice it up.

$69.00 $150.00

Take your "O" on the go...

Little vibes, big orgasms.

A panty vibe your partner can tease you with.

A panty vibe that pulses to the beat of the music.

Put it in, have sex, get that dual orgasm.

A whisper-quiet panty vibe for discreet teasing.

*Come* here, kitty kitty.

Put it in, and vibe out.

A penis ring worn during partnered sex, with a built-in vibrator to stimulate everyone.


The ring that turns a penis into a vibrator.

Because two orgasms are better than one.


Mutual satisfaction.

A penis ring with couples in mind.

Saddle up, y'all.

A turn on to getting it on.

Free of scent. Full of fun.

Satisfy your flirtatious side.

Down to pull an all-nighter?

Make oral sex taste like dessert.

Why settle for one flavor when you can try three?