Sex With Emily Live

All the toys mentioned at Emily's live show!

Smaller size. Just as powerful.

Make oral sex taste like dessert.


The ring that turns a penis into a vibrator.

A penis ring worn during partnered sex, with a built-in vibrator to stimulate everyone.

A perfect, luxurious product to try temperature play.

Gorgeous candles that turn into massage oils.

The little black dress of sex toys.

Put it in, and vibe out.

The Kegel trainer set that’s purchased once every 15 minutes.

Vibrating nipple clamps, anyone?

Better together.

If you crave the feeling of oral sex, melt into this little beauty.

Dual vibrations to the prostate and perineum for a more complex pleasure.


Pleasure right at your fingertips.

Experience an internal and external orgasm, at the same time.

Come on baby light my fire.

Simultaneous pleasure for your clitoris and G-spot.

A turbo-charged penis vibe.


Feels like oral sex and penetration, at the same damn time.

A penis ring with couples in mind.

Slip into something more exciting.