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Most Likely to Please

Smaller size. Just as powerful.

Make oral sex taste like dessert.


The ring that turns a penis into a vibrator.

The Mimi’s sensual cousin.

The little black dress of sex toys.

Clean toys, full hearts, can't lose.

Your trusty bullet sidekick. But make it chic.

A soft seal around your clitoris creates an unforgettable orgasm.

$89.00 $125.00

When you want some intensity.

Super flexible toy for simultaneous clitoris and G-spot stimulation.


A luxurious dual-stimulation vibe with high-tech power.

Experience an internal and external orgasm, at the same time.

A clitoris orgasm and a G-spot orgasm, together at last.

Ready to reinvent your orgasm?

Sex toy, but make it designer.

Sleek pleasure for the G-spot and the P-spot.

Let's make some magic.