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Make oral sex taste like dessert.

Free of scent. Full of fun.

Smaller size. Just as powerful.

The Mimi’s sensual cousin.

Satisfy your flirtatious side.

A penis ring worn during partnered sex, with a built-in vibrator to stimulate everyone.

A lickable oil with a warming effect.

Lube that mimics your body’s natural lubrication.

Create your personal flavor of the week.

Why settle for one flavor when you can try three?

Gorgeous candles that turn into massage oils.

Long-lasting, reliable and budget-friendly.

Water based lube that puts the "ohhh" in H20.

A perfect, luxurious product to try temperature play.

Blissful blended orgasms.

Orgasmic simplicity.

Clean toys, full hearts, can't lose.

A training set for hot anal play.

The little black dress of sex toys.

The Kegel trainer set that’s purchased once every 15 minutes.


The ring that turns a penis into a vibrator.

Your trusty bullet sidekick. But make it chic.

*Come* here, kitty kitty.