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Ultra-hydrate your vagina.

Coco Bliss is made with coconut oil and jojoba esters, which creates oils remarkably similar to those in your skin. An indulgent vaginal moisturizer, a tiny bit eases vaginal dryness instantly — and is a perfect lube for sex, both partnered and solo. 

Use it for erotic massage and body glisten: this works beautifully on dry spots anywhere on the body. Due to the natural properties of coconut oil, it’s thinner in warmer temps and thicker when chilled, but always melts into your skin as soon as it’s applied.

Product Highlights:

  • Coconut oil-based moisturizer for vaginal dryness and prepping for sex

  • Feels gorgeous and soothing on skin

  • Bright, natural coconut scent with notes of sweet almond oil and vanilla bean

Product Specifications: 

  • Brand: Womaness

  • Made with coconut oil and jojoba esters

  • 4 fl oz

  • Compatible with glass and metal sex toys, not recommended for silicone toy use

Why Emily Loves It

This one boosts the protective barrier of your delicate vaginal tissues, helping them retain moisture the more you use it.

Emily Morse
Hi. I'm Emily Morse

Hi. I'm Emily Morse

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